US Medical Home, Inc. is a Delaware corporation, headquartered in Washington, D.C. whose operating objective is to provide the highest-quality medical solutions and cutting-edge information processing and online visibility for its health care professionals nationwide.

The Company intends to become a nationally recognized provider of patient-centered medical homes, with an emphasis on medical marijuana solutions.  US Medical Home, Inc.'s revenues will be generated from products and services to the medical marijuana, home health, hospice and home care sectors.


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We acquire and develop technology, including mobile applications and remote monitoring, which assists in the processing of medical records, field analysis, and back office support, including billing. We are focused on online healthcare delivery systems and solutions that allows patient to physician visual and verbal interaction, secure clinical transmissions and storage, and the ability, on a timely basis, for a physician to determine a diagnosis and/or initiate therapies without delay of an emergency room visit or subsequent office visit appointment.


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We own several internet marketing companies that allow us to provide healthcare companies, with innovative marketing strategies in maximizing company profitability. These services include developing and enhancing brand identity through print and digital media strategies and generating and increasing lead to customer conversion through mobile marketing, social media campaigns, search engine optimization and brand awareness. We also have developed a secure and confidential transactional and delivery platform for seo packages to medicinal marijuana.


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We are acquiring and building marijuana companies involved in medicinal marijuana research and development, production engineering and retail distribution. We have developed our own proprietary transactional and delivery platform. It is through investments and internal growth that we will become a leading service provider, manufacturer and distributor in the marijuana industry, focusing in eight different sectors, to include: construction & materials, consumer goods and services, forestry & paper, healthcare, industrial support services and technology.


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We provide cutting-edge healthcare solutions, including the availability of new treatments, such as medical marijuana, to home health and hospice agencies alike through our suite of Patient-Center Medical Home ("PCMH") products and services. US Medical Home's PCMH solutions facilitate partnerships between individual patients, the patient’s family, their physicians, the home health care provider and their community, via innovative technology solutions, including online healthcare delivery, under the umbrella of a Medical Home.